Child Gifted in Science

Characteristics of a Gifted Child

You may have a Tiger Woods, Dakota Fanning, or Evgeny Kissin in your family, but chances are, without knowing it, and without nurturing his or her talent, your gifted child will turn out to be just… ordinary.  Brain development is a dynamic process.  Your kid’s intellectual growth either progresses or regresses, it doesn’t stand still.  Some kids have unique intellectual skills that, when developed, will enable him to do astonishing feats and achievements.  If a child’s intellectual gifts are ignored, they stay undeveloped, and eventually disappear.  Indeed, a gifted child has more to lose than an ordinary child if the gifted child’s talents remain unused.

First of all, how do you know that your child is gifted?

The best way is to observe his behavior.  You know your child is gifted if he is showing different and advanced behavior from other kids of the same age.  Some kids even show their giftedness from the age of one!

Giftedness can be divided into six general categories.  If your kid shows characteristics from any of these categories, then he or she may be gifted!

Gifted with Intelligence

  • Very fast in understanding ideas and concepts.
  • Unusually fast in seeing relationships and patterns in objects and ideas.
  • Likes to be precise and perfect, thus likes to correct errors and argues a lot.  .
  • High degree of ability to think abstractly and in metaphors and symbols at an early age.
  • Appreciates complexity, and has the ability to see many sides to an issue or problem.
  • Fast learner, usually in great leaps.
  • Very good memory.
  • Very persistent in solving hard problems and have long concentration span.
  • A fascination with ideas and words, advanced vocabulary and development of language.
  • Advanced visual and motor skills.
  • Unique way of interpreting events.
  • Very observant and has great attention to details.
  • Unusual and early insight into social and moral issues.
  • Easily understand ideas and how other people think and feel.
  • Very high energy level.
  • Above average ability with numbers/jigsaw puzzles
  • Vivid imagination
  • Early/avid reader, and loves reading
  • Preference for older/matured companions
  • Has wide variety of interests
  • Very creative, inventive and does new ways of expression and doing things
  • Quickly and accurately answers questions
  • Very entrepreneurial and makes money from his own efforts
  • Very resourceful and solves problems ingeniously
  • Comfortable with complex ideas
  • Gets good grades in most subjects
  • Asks provocative questions
  • A good guesser

Gifted in specific areas:

  • shows characteristics of one with  general intellectual ability but concentrated around one or a few fields (science, music, math, literature)
  • has a long attention span in the area of interest
  • learns rapidly, easily and with less repetition in the area of interest
  • spends more time beyond assignments and homework on the subject of interest
  • able to judge other’s abilities in the area of interest
  • seeks the help of others in extending his skill and knowledge in the area of interest.

Gifted in creativity

  • makes unusual associations between different ideas
  • thinks about and solves problems in unusual and sometimes “silly” ways
  • comes up with many solutions to problems
  • can think through ambiguities and inconsistencies
  • readily guesses and makes hypotheses
  • is intellectually playful, interested in fantasy, imagination
  • always trying to adapt or improve things
  • very good sense of humor
  • doesn’t mind being different, even if his peers look at him as weird or crazy
  • a radical thinker, doesn’t readily accept what is told to him by authority but challenges everything
  • gets bored with memorization and recitation
  • displays energy, sometimes disruptively
  • exhibits high degree of concentration and hard work on creative projects.

Gifted in Leadership

  • can get others to act
  • organizes others based on their skills, personalities and abilities
  • interacts with others easily showing social skills
  • can communicate ideas, goals, and directions clearly to a group
  • understands how people feel and how groups function
  • naturally exercises authority reliably and responsibly
  • coordinates and supports the work of others
  • is looked to by others for ideas, suggestions, and decisions

Gifted in sports and physical activities

  • has a suitable body build
  • is coordinated, balanced and confident in physical activities
  • full of energy
  • is able to bridge his physical abilities and intellect
  • shows endurance, stamina and persistence in physical activities
  • demonstrates prowess in physical activities common amongst age peers

Gifted in visual and performing arts


  • has good sense of rhythm
  • has an unusual liking for music and musical activities
  • shows tonal memory
  • responds readily to rhythm, melody and harmony
  • shows interest in musical instruments
  • makes up original tunes
  • enjoys dance and dramatic activities with musical elements


  • interested in and enjoys drama
  • uses voice to reflect changes in mood
  • effectively communicates feelings by means of facial expressions, gestures and bodily movements
  • enjoys evoking emotional responses from listeners
  • can understand and act out other people’s or even an animal’s feelings and personalities


  • loves drawing and draws very well
  • treats art seriously and enjoys it
  • shows originality in his work
  • uses art to express feelings and experiences
  • is interested in other people’s art, both appreciating it and criticizing it
  • likes to model three dimensionally with clay, soap carving, plasticine etc


  • writes in a journal, diary, blog or self-crafted book
  • loves to read and writes by imitating what he reads
  • loves stories from books, T. V. and other media, and loves to make up stories
  • has a vivid imagination and can express it in written words
  • can evoke feelings from other people with his writing

If your kid exhibit these traits, then congratulations!  Your kid has the potential to accomplish wonderful things which will make you proud when he brings home awards, high grades, scholarships and even money!   But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.   For your kid’s giftedness to blossom, you have to nurture it.  And sometimes doing this is not easy –raising a gifted child requires a lot of your time, effort, dedication, and resources.

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