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Hi, I’m Chacha Tumbokon, and I studied Psychology and Early Childhood Development.  Also, I am a parent of 5 kids who all learned to read before they were 5.  My youngest daughter was already reading at age 2.  My expertise, experience and interest inspired me to create this site where I can share with you all kinds of information on raising smart kids based on key findings on brain research and child psychology.

There are many advantages to being a smart kid.  A smart kid does well in school, get scholarships, and end up ahead in many ways in a competitive world.  A smart kid makes you proud as a parent.  Who knows, maybe your kid will be a successful entrepreneur or artist or someone who will help solve some of the world’s serious problems.

Although we learn from books and expert articles, there is no substitute for actual parental experience.

Of course, following the advice in this site does not guarantee that your kid will be a scholar or a genius. A lot depends on his genetic make-up and inborn temperament. But genes are not destiny. They are raw materials that can be molded by you. If you make use of the tips and information in this site, you are helping to determine how these genes are expressed. You are increasing his (or her) chances to be the best of what he (she) can be intellectually.

If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you can get start by getting info on factors that help or harm your baby’s brain development in the womb.

Otherwise, if you already have kids, find the complete list of articles by clicking here.

Hope you like this site! I will be updating it regularly, so keep coming back!

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